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Membership Information and Opportunities

The Cole County Historical Society Museum is truly a preservation and educational institution that benefits all Missouri residents and visitors. It is an important asset to the historical focal point of our state and capital city. It isn't necessary to be a resident of Central Missouri to be a member of the CCHS.

We hope you will feel welcome to visit and become involved with the Cole County Historical Society Museum.

Cost of membership is as follows:

-Life - $500.00    

-Sustaining Life - $50.00   (Life membership paid in installments over a 10 year period)

-Business - $60.00

-Family - $35.00    

-Individual - $25.00                

-Senior Citizen - $20.00 per person

          -Docent - $5

To become a member please follow this link and complete the membership form.  After completion, send us the form by mail or email.

Cole County Historical Society
109 Madison Street
Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
(573) 635 - 1850

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