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George Washington

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  • President George Washington

    “The Father of Our Country”

    Born February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Virginia,

    son of Augustine and Mary Ball Washington.

    Died December 14, 1799, Mount Vernon, Virginia,

    after spending the day on horseback supervising the activities at Mount

    Vernon. A surveyor in the unexplored wilderness of Virginia

    and later became the surveyor of Culpeper County.

    Officer in the French and Indian Wars.

    In 1759 he married Martha Dandridge Custis and raised her two children.

    Later adopted her two grandchildren.

    An entrepreneur and gentleman farmer at Mount Vernon.

    General & commander-in- chief of the Continental Army during the

    American Revolution fight for independence.

    Events remembered: Siege of Boston, Battle of Trenton,

    Yorktown, and the winter at Valley Forge.

    Presided over the Constitutional Convention.

    Twice unanimously elected President of the United States.

    George Washington is buried at Mount Vernon in the Washington family vault.


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