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NEW! George Washington Exhibit

In January the Cole County Historical Society will unveil an exhibit housing items of high historical significance. Thanks to the generosity of Kathy Wilbers, past President of Cole County Historical Society, items belonging to President George Washington and General “Mad” Anthony Wayne will reside in a beautiful display in the entry hall of the museum.

The display includes a portable inkwell and candlesticks used by President Washington during the Revolutionary War, a set of small dishes owned by the Washington family, and a saber given to a young officer by General “Mad” Anthony Wayne. Exhibited alongside these items is a tablecloth decorated with George Washington’s portrait, and a molded glass bowl and pewter plate which first came to America in 1639.

The exhibit’s candlesticks and inkwells were donated in 1958 by Mrs. S. H. Taylor. With an emphasis on portability, the two candlesticks could be disassembled and carried in a pocket or pack. Mrs. Taylor acquired them as family heirlooms, carried down from her ancestor President Zachary Taylor.

Not the least of the collection is the Revolutionary War-era saber owned by the famous American General “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

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