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Photographs document history in a special way, and as we collect them, they complement our family papers, providing a graphic reality and a unique understanding of the past. Unfortunately, over time the material gets transferred from one box to another, ownership passes from one person to another and the identity and date of this treasured piece of history is lost.

Many pictures in this category are brought to the museum. We have displayed some here, hoping someone can offer a clue as to the identity these “pictures in a box”. If you recognize anyone here, please drop us a note:

Library of Congress American Memories Photos of Cole County, Missouri

Item Titles

  • Talking in front of church on Sunday morning. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Thomas Jefferson statue in front of state capitol. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Change of guard at Missouri state penitentiary. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Along Missouri-Pacific Railroad tracks. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Rock House Ford Bridge, Spanning North Moreau River at County Road 39, Russellville vicinity, Cole County, MO

  • The governor's mansion. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • State capitol. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • State penitentiary. Jefferson City, Missouri

  • Funeral home. Jefferson City, Missouri

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