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Photographs to Identify

We received a badly deteriorated family bible that contained birth, death and marriage records of the Hillard and Leslie families beginning in the early 1800s. Newspaper clippings and obituaries for Ada Hillard Leslie and Dr. Walter L. Leslie were tucked between the pages as were relative's hair clippings. Two large portraits have been identified as Mary Leslie, daughter of Hillard Leslie. These pictures below are still a mystery and we would appreciate any help in learning the identity of the people.

Lincoln University Students (?)

This group of photo cards was donated by Bob Hawkins and suspected to be students of Lincoln University in the mid to late 1880's. Three other people in this group were previously identified as Lincoln University students from Moberly, Missouri - J. H. Smith and his sister Etta of 522 4th St., Moberly and Daisy D. Williams.

Price Photos

The parlor photograph titled “Aunt Estelle?” plus photos 2 and 3 have been identified as the same person. She was Celeste Bolton Price Thomas (July 2, 1878-April 10, 1953), Daughter of Thomas Benton Price and Ada Catherine Bear Price. Her grandfather was Thomas Lawson Price. She married Cecil Warren Thomas, a distant cousin, on Thanksgiving Day in 1902. C.W.Price was twice elected Mayor of Jefferson City. Photo #1 remains unidentified.

These four photos came out the Lucille Turner estate sale and were brought to the museum by Patti Morris. The photo of "Estelle" was clearly taken in the home of Thomas Lawson Price and most of the furniture in the picture is part of our permanent display in the parlor of the Cole County Historical Society. Photos 1, 2, and 3 appear to be of the same woman taken at different ages in her life.

Moreland Family Photos

  • This group of photos was donated by Pat Morland while sorting through old family photographs. She did not recognize any as being members of her immediate family but it is suspected that all are from Cole County.

  • # 2 by Carl Deeg

  • #3 by Carl Deeg

  • #4 by Carl Deeg

  • # 6-13 are mounted as post cards

  • #6 and #7 appear to be the same two women at different ages in their lives. Number 7 is addressed to Miss Anna Bowman, R.R. #1, Elston Mo and the postmark reads "Jefferson City, Mo., February 20, 1910". A handwritten message on the back says "Hello Kid, Don't let this scare you half to death it's so funny. From you know."

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